Spoken Language Interpreter/Translator Contractor Agreement

I understand that my services are being sub-contracted by AGAPE Interpreting Services Inc. on a renewable basis to fulfill AGAPE’S contracts utilizing On-site and or VRI (video remote Interpreting). This renewal will be based on the satisfactory performance of assignments entrusted to me. 

The agreement herewith is based upon the Contractor as an independent contractor, and nothing herein contained shall be construed to create a relationship of employer/employee or master/servant or partnership. No payroll or employment taxes of any kind shall be withheld or paid by Owner with respect to payment to Contractor.  The payroll or employment taxes that are the subject of this paragraph include, but are not limited to, FICA, FUTA, federal income tax, state personal income tax, state disability insurance tax and state unemployment insurance tax. By reason of Contractor’s status as an independent contractor hereunder, no worker’s compensation insurance has been or will be obtained by Owner on account of the Contractor.  If Owner is assessed or deemed liable in any manner for those charges or taxes, the Contractor agrees to indemnify and hold Owner harmless from those costs, including attorney’s fees.

The Contractor shall provide at its sole expense all materials, office space, and other necessities to perform duties under this Contract, unless otherwise specified in writing. Any and all notices affecting or relative to this contract shall be effective if in writing and delivered or mailed, postage pre-paid, emailed  to the respective party being notified at the address listed with the signature of this contract.  If electronically signed below, parties agree that email notices are allowed if notice of receipt is provided by the recipient.


  1. Arrive 10 minutes PRIOR to assigned platform or assignment in order to be in place and prepared. Soon as I connect with my client virtually I will time stamp my log and billing will begin. I will introduce myself to the deaf client/student as VI-name (Video Interpreter-DiAndria) or in present as Interpreter-name. My payment begins at the assignment start time, not my pre-arrival time. In present, Interpreters will sign-in and sign-out when completed.
  2. If in school, virtually I will stay with my student during ALL classes I’m assigned to and expect to be paid for. I will take a break when the student has a break (changing classes, resource, lunch, independent work). This also applies to me if I am in school with the student in present. I must always stay available (having a private lunch when my student has lunch) and will be held responsible if the student is left without communication and an emergency arises. If this is a hospital setting, I will always make Hospital Staff aware of my location when servicing a client.
  3. (In Present) If a client/student does not show up, I will wait 30 minutes and contact the coordinator for instructions or reassignment if I expect to be paid my 2-hour minimum or 1 hour minimum, whichever is agreed. Virtually I will be paid for my services rendered.
  4. I will attempt to make all my personal appointments after peek business/school hours unless agreed different. Sudden Illness, death in the immediate family or personal accident/injury shall require notice as soon as possible to obtain a substitute to cover my assignment. I will notify the coordinator as soon as possible.
  5. Contractor agrees to be bound by the Confidentiality and Non-Competition agreement applying but not limited to Educational and Community-Based Interpreting. I acknowledge that I am part of the educational/Medical team/Administrative staff and will not discuss student(s)/ patients/ clients with anyone outside of the team for the exception of the relief Interpreter, and AGAPE administration.
  6. Instruction and discipline are the sole responsibility of the teacher. I will not correct, discipline, offer my opinion or criticize a student at any time. I will discreetly inform the teacher if I believe inappropriate conversations are taking place in sign language among the students.
  7. I will explain to the student that I am bound to voice aloud whatever the student signs, including cursing or inappropriate comments or gestures and the student will be responsible for the consequences of his/her behavior.
  8. I will conduct myself professionally and exercise good judgment in my choice of dress and grooming virtually and in present. Revealing or busy clothing as well as tank tops are not acceptable. Fingernails should be moderate in length, natural in color and not distracting to deaf clients/students. My background during my virtual assignments will be Forrest green in color to unify AGAPE platforms. If I do not have Forrest green I will use a navy blue or office grey until I obtain a Forrest green background.
  9. I will refrain from giving my personal information to clients/students or parents including telephone numbers, email addresses, VP numbers, etc. I will kindly redirect these persons to the correct responsible party best qualified to answer any questions.
  10. I will know and adhere to the NAD-RID Code and or the NCIHC Professional Conduct. I will show respect to consumers and colleagues; this includes refraining from gossip or negative comments.   
  11. I will be paid according to my fees agreed upon at the time of negotiation. I understand my pay rate is private and not to be discussed with fellow Interpreters. I must ensure that I use Atrium correctly for each assignment in order to be paid accurately. The pay schedule is as follows: the 12th of each month (unless Sunday then Monday). If the 12th falls on a holiday, then the check will be processed the next business day. 
  12. All Interpreting service payments will be processed and sent via US Postal Service OR Direct Deposit. If you would like Direct Deposit, then you will need to submit a voided check. Owner may terminate this Contract at any time, with or without cause, by giving (10) business day’s notice to Contractor. 
  13. For the duration of this business agreement and for two years from the termination of it in writing, I will NOT Interpret for or SOLICIT known clients of AGAPE, individuals or organizations that may become clients thru my performing. This is an agreement of assigned services for AGAPE. If I violate this agreement and become employed by a client of AGAPE I understand I will be liable for any damages, including but not limited to billable income, cost of collecting damages, including but not limited to attorney’s fees.

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