Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART)

When a Deaf or hard of hearing person attends a meeting, classroom lesson or church service in person, a Sign Language interpreter is often available to communicate the words of the speaker. For those who prefer to view the event remotely or when an interpreter is not available, Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) is the answer. CART is also becoming increasingly required for those who become deaf later in life, including war soldiers, who do not know American Sign Language.

With CART, immediate, word-for-word captioning is presented on a small screen (for one participant) or on a large screen that is broadcast to all. What makes CART so valuable is its speed – with very little lag between what is being said and what appears on the screen.

At AGAPE, a live person, not a computer, performs our CART services captioning. This makes a big difference in accuracy of messaging; reducing the potential for misunderstanding of the message due to accents, voice tone or inflection.

Understanding the need for flexibility, we offer captioning that can be viewed on a laptop, projection screen or television monitor. We also provide post-broadcast transcripts upon request.