Deaf Interpreting (Tactile, Close Vision, MLS)

Within the Deaf community, there are many instances when interpretation alone is not enough. Often, communication extends beyond American Sign Language to gestures, foreign sign language, signs specific to a certain demographic, geographic, or age group. There are also times when an individual’s signing goes beyond the fluency level of even highly-qualified hearing interpreters. For those who are Deaf-Blind or have additional disabilities, communication needs may be so unique that they cannot be adequately satisfied by interpreters who are hearing and untrained.

Deaf interpreters, trained in the finer nuances of ASL and non-verbal communication, are often the solution to these unique interpreting situations.

AGAPE provides that solution. Our Deaf Interpreting Services bring added expertise by offering interpreters who are Deaf themselves. With extensive knowledge and understanding of the Deaf community and culture along with solid communication skills, Deaf interpreters can assist customers through mirroring, platform interpreting, and sight translation. For those who are Deaf-Blind, special attention is given to those who need tactile and/or close vision interpretation, as Deaf interpreters are trained specifically to explain the visual cues of the ambient environment.